Clipse Fast Life Video shoot

The Clipse are signed to a new label and are grinding hard on a new album. They have been busy in the meantime with their "We Got It For Cheap" series. The Re-Up Gang have Re-Upped and are about the flood the streets with Dope.


The Cool Kids

The Cool Kids are proving they are still cool, still writing and still keeping it fresh.

Check out their latest: Dinner Time Jump!


Lupe Fiasco

I been crazy busy lately so I fell behind on reporting on the recent leakage from Chicago. Lupe Fiasco drops 3 freestyles on my head and I got a cramp in my neck from bobbin' my head to this shit. you can hear all the latest in the Forum.

Go get em

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Cassidy - Paper Touchin'

Philly's own, Cassidy blesses us with a short to the point freestyle, just to let ya know he aint playin'

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Hov at Glastonbury: American Boy

Hov performs "American Boy" live at Glastonbury. Although Jay is not the type of artist normally headlining the stage at this festival, his performance was refreshing! Jump!


Jay Z Live - Singing? With a Guitar?

Jigga Man on stage at Glastonbury not only making history but poking a little fun at the rock group Oasis, who made it a point to spew negative criticism on the world of Hip Hop. Jay shows the world that Hip Hop isnt something you do, its something you live. And of course, in usual Jay Z fashion, Hova had the crowd singing along as he performed an Oasis song "Wonderwall", to kick off the show. 100,000 people killing the critics with kindness. Genius.



The Game - Game's Pain

The Game unites a gang of rappers for the remix to his recent hit with Keisha Cole. The Game enlists Jada Kiss, Fat Joe, Young Buck, Pusha T of the Clipse, and Bun B of the mighty UGK crew. (R.I.P.Pimp C) covering all geographies of the country to get their take on what Hip Hop meant to them growing up.

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T.I. No Matter What

T.I. releases a new video "No Matter What". It has a hint of autobiography in it considering his recent run ins with the law, he addresses the haters and angry bloggers saying He is indeed still here and will be doing his thing no matter what. I think he may be speaking to the confusion 50 Cent has with his sentencing being so light after being caught with various fire arms, being a felon, and receiving such a light sentencing.
T.I. definitely isn't dead, and to assume he is would be ridiculous. Although this will never be a favorite song of mine from T.I., Im know when his album drops later this year he will undoubtedly find the familiar swagger that we all love and bombard the streets again.

Take a look and listen below:



Jay Z interview with Jonathan Ross

Jay Z looks to be having a great time in the UK with Jonathan Ross. Enjoy!


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Common and Pharrell - Announcement

Common and Pharrell are at it again with a follow up to their Universal Mind Control antics, this time with a joint called Announcement. You can hear it in the Forum. JUMP! Jump!


G-Unit TOS Commercial


I have decided to add a Forum to the website and create a little community for all the movie, music and social networkers out there. You can get to it by simply clicking the FORUM link in the left navigation column or just click here

Hope you enjoy it. Don't be afraid to post!! :)

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Success of the Movie Trailer Widget.

I just wanted to take a moment to say how happy I am that the Movie Trailer widget is really catching on. Not just in the USA but all over the world. I have users in Australia, France, Italy, South Africa, The U.K., and even in Turkey, to mention an few. I have to admit I was surprised to see it travel so far but I am really happy that you guys are appreciating and using it everyday. I'll keep the updates coming to keep you "in the know" of upcoming movie releases. So if you already have it, THANK YOU! and if you haven't grabbed it yet Go Get It! :) and share it with your friends, lets go viral!! lol

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